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MDC1A / Lama2 CMD is a very rare, congenital muscle disease affecting patients worldwide. Extensive research is needed to develop a cure. On this website we inform you about the patient organisations that fight for research and the various scientific studies that are ongoing. Together we fight for a treatment and a healthier future. Join the cause, stay informed, or donate.

What is MDC1A?

What exactly is MDC1A?

Babies and children suffering from MDC1A / Lama2 CMD have difficulty walking and breathing due to muscle weakness. Among these symptoms, patients generally suffer from a lower quality of life. The disease is caused by rare mutations in LAMA2, a gene responsible for the protein that holds muscles together.

Although symptoms can be reduced with physiotherapy, currently there is no cure due to its rare nature and limited research opportunities.

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    Dr. Avencia Sanchez-Mejías has been investigating how haematopoietic stem cells from MDC1A patients’ bone marrow, can be genetically corrected to potentially improve quality of life. Dr. Avencia Sanchez-Mejías and her research team at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona have carried out a number of investigations focused on an ex-vivo therapeutic approach to MDC1A.…

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    As a respiratory therapist and an innovator, Ruud van der Wel has been able to develop amazing tools that can transform respiratory therapy into interactive games for children with MDC1A / Lama2 CMD.  Ruud van der Wel is a Dutch respiratory therapist at Rijndam Rehabilitation Institute that has been working with children with disabilities for…

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