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  • Meet GYM: the Generate your Muscle group

    Under supervision of prof. dr. Bert Smeets, the Generate your Muscle (GYM) group was formed and is in cooperation with Stichting Voor Sara organizing the conference in November. GYM is a group of ambitious students from Maastricht University participating in the FHML Honours Programme. This is an interdisciplinary programme at the University of Maastricht providing…

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  • ‘The level of commitment of these people is very high’

    Head of research of the University of Maastricht, Bert Smeets was recently interviewed in Algemeen Dagblad about the congres MDC1A The Road to therapy . Smeets, specialised in Mitochondrial dysfunction in metabolic, cardiovascular and neurological diseases, is highly impressed by the hard work and effort of Bram Verbrugge and Emine Kara. ,,The level of commitment…

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