Making the conference possible

  • Foundation Voor Sara

    Co-initiator of the conference. Foundation Voor Sara aims for research to be done into the muscle disease MDC1A.
  • Maastricht University

    Co-initiator of the conference, led by professor Bert Smeets.

Together we can overcome this

  • RadboudUMC

    In collaboration with dr. Nicol Voermans of the Radboud UMC there will be carried out a natural history study in two congenital muscular dystrophies / myopathies. MDC1A is one of them. In addition, a Biobank of muscle stem cells will be started.
  • Stichting Zeldzame Ziekten Fonds

    The Rare Diseases Fund aims to raise money for research into rare diseases.
  • Spieren voor Spieren

    The Dutch foundation Spieren voor Spieren supported the conference with a generous donation.
  • Universiteitsfonds Limburg

    The university fund Limburg donated to the conference, which helped making the conference possible.
  • Internetbureau Elephant

    Thanks to the great team of Elephant, you are looking at an amazing website. They built it in just one day, with united powers.

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